Top 10 Marketing and Communication Blogs

Here’s my take on some of the best marketing and communication blogs out there. From traditional marketing to social media marketing to how to write better copy, I’m constantly learning new ways to improve my craft. Who do you read?

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Here’s my list of top 10 marketing and communication blogs:

Marketing Profs – Many of the marketing world’s greatest minds share their insights here.
HubSpot – Excellent and helpful tips on how to do inbound marketing the right way.
Danny Brown’s Social Media Marketing Blog – Danny has something for everyone, from employee to CEO. You will find useful and practical advice on how to use social media to improve your business.
Social Media Examiner – If you want to know what’s new in social media and how to use it, this is the blog for you.
SuzeMuse – I just discovered SuzeMuse and I’m so glad I did. Through personal stories that many of us can relate to, she presents solutions in a no-nonsense manner.
Caroline Kealey’s Results Map Blog – A thoughtful look at how to become a better strategic communicator.
Translucid Communications – Bob is a pioneer in social media. His musings are entertaining and enlightening and I love his perspective on the industry.
Jeff Goins – All about how to be a better writer.
TentBlogger – Primarily about how to become a full-time blogger, but I love the tech tips he shares.
Copyblogger – Great ideas for writing better copy.

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Question: What blogs do you read? I know there are so many great ones out there. Share in the comments section so we can expand our lists.

  • Kristian Widmer

    great list, very helpful. thanks!

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  • Tony Young

    Moz is another important and good blog!

  • Lydia Di Francesco

    hi Deja,

    I don’t have any specifically about that. Most (good) marketing blogs talk about integrated campaigns.

    I’m sure a quick Google search will find you something on multicultural marketing.

    Good luck!

  • Deja P

    Thank you, much needed information. Might you have any blog links dedicated to multicultural marketing and/or integrated campaigns?

  • Lydia Di Francesco

    Hi Robert,

    Glad this was helpful! I’m not sure about Pinterest, but Guy Kawasaki talks a lot of Google+. I’m sure you’d find his stuff useful.


  • Robert Conaty

    Hi Lydia, very useful! Can you recommend any specialised in Pinterest or Google+? Thanks!

  • Lydia Di Francesco


    Yes, it’s actually such a short post, but seems to pop up on Google! I love sharing great content and glad it’s been helpful.


  • Vance

    Lydia- it is funny how you can write a super simple post that ends up being so valuable.  Clearly a lot of people type “good communications blogs” looking for what you put together because it brought me straight here. I have had a lot of trouble finding good blogs that talk communications- this is a good list- thanks for curating- a great service.

  • Lydia Di Francesco


    Thanks!! Don’t go to far. I will be posting back here starting in March!


  • Tanner Harp

    I stumbled upon this post while looking for new communication blogs to follow. A year after it’s publication, this list is still extremely helpful! Not to mention I found your site… :)

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  • Lydia Di Francesco

    Thanks for the suggestion Vic!

  • Vic Outdoor
  • Danny Brown

    Hi there Lydia,

    Thanks for the kind inclusion, especially since it’s alongside so many folks I really respect, and some I’m fortunate enough to call friend.

    And completely agree with @pgant:disqus – @SuzeMuse:twitter is good people and wicked smart too. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  • Lydia Di Francesco

    Thanks Patrick! Sue has some really great posts. I can’t wait to read some of her “older” stuff (ie. 3-4 weeks ago) now that I’ve found her.

    If you have any other great blogs to recommend, I’m always looking to expand my list.

  • Patrick Gant

    Great list. Lots of familiar names on there, including my good friend Sue…who is more than just a smart cookie. She’s also a rather fabulous person. :) Thanks for sharing this, Lydia.